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Blanca Paniello

Blanca Paniello

Predoctoral Researcher Air Pollution, Urban Planning, Environment and Health, Climate & Health

Blanca Paniello Castillo is a biomedical scientist and public health professional with a specialization in epidemiology who obtained her BSc from the University of Barcelona and her MMSc from Karolinska Institute.

She has actively participated in diverse research and advocacy initiatives, spanning molecular research at institutions like the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and the Medical University of Vienna, as well as epidemiological studies conducted Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL), Karolinska Institutet, and the Centre of Natural Hazards and Disaster Science (CNDS) at Uppsala University. Notably, her work in the latter two organizations involved network analysis development for studies, including risk perception regarding climate-related hazards.

Blanca's contributions extend to planetary health initiatives with organizations like the WHO, Global Climate Health Alliance (GCHA), and Clean Air Fund, where she primarily focused on analyzing the integration of health and air pollution within National Determined Contributions (NDCs).

Beyond her professional commitments, Blanca is dedicated to volunteer work and serves as a co-founder and committed member of Women in Global Health – Spain.

She joined ISGlobal as part of the EARLY-ADAPT (ERC-CoG) team, also assisting the ADATES project. She will write her doctoral thesis on how socioeconomic factors can explain the differences in adaptation towards climate change in Europe. 

Lines of research

  • Epidemiology
  • Public Health
  • Climate Change
  • Socio-economic determinants 
  • Gender

Main publications

  • Beagley, Jessica, Kim Robin van Daalen, Blanca Paniello Castillo, Laura Jung, Arthur Wyns, Juliette Claudine Mattijsen, Iris Martine Blom, Omnia El Omrani, i Jeni Miller. «Assessing the inclusion of health in national climate commitments: Towards accountability for planetary health». The Journal of Climate Change and Health 5 (2022): 100085.
  • Kilian, Carolin, Amy O’Donnell, Nina Potapova, Hugo López-Pelayo, Bernd Schulte, Laia Miquel, Blanca Paniello Castillo, et al. «Changes in alcohol use during the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe: A meta-analysis of observational studies». Drug and Alcohol Review 41, núm. 4 (2022): 918-31.
  • Amalia, Beladenta, Marcela Fu, Olena Tigova, Montse Ballbè, Blanca Paniello-Castillo, Yolanda Castellano, Vergina K. Vyzikidou, et al. «Exposure to secondhand aerosol from electronic cigarettes at homes: A real-life study in four European countries». Science of the Total Environment 854, núm. 2023 (2022).
  • Omnia El Omrani, Alaa Dafallah, Blanca Paniello Castillo, Bianca Quintella Ribeiro Corrêa Amaro, Sanjana Taneja, Marouane Amzil, Md. Refat Uz-Zaman Sajib & Tarek Ezzine (2020) Envisioning planetary health in every medical curriculum: An international medical student organization’s perspective, Medical Teacher, 42:10, 1107-1111, DOI: 10.1080/0142159X.2020.1796949
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