Our Team

Liudmila Liutsko

Liudmila Liutsko

Project Manager Radiation

Liudmila has a multiple background: higher education in Pedagogical University (maths and psychology) and in ISIR – International Sakharov Institute of Radioecology)(radioecology); MSc. in Environmental Sciences and Policy (CEU/Manchester University), DEA in Statistics, Master in Clinical Psychology and PhD in Psychology by University of Barcelona.
Her main fields of interest: Epidemiology of radiation, public health, planetary health, sustainable development; psychology (personality and individual differences) and neuropsychology; social sciences in radiation protection and ethics.
Currently she works in Radiation programme of ISGlobal as a postdoctoral researcher in SHAMISEN SINGS and ENGAGE projects.

Lines of research

  • Social science in radiation protection
  •  Epidemiology of radiation
  •  Psychology, Education and Ethics

Main publications

  • Liutsko, L., Ohba, T., Cardis, E., Schneider, T., & Oughton, D. (2018). Socio-economic, historical and cultural background: implications for behaviour after radiation accidents and better resilience, Chapter of book in: Environmental Health Risks: Ethical Aspects (Zölzer F and Meskens G, Eds.), Chapter 3, pp. 28- 42, UK: Routledge, Oxford.
  • Liutsko, L., Oughton, D., Sarukhan, A., Cardis, E., & SHAMISEN Consortium. (2020). The SHAMISEN Recommendations on preparedness and health surveillance of populations affected by a radiation accident. Environment international, 146, 106278. 
  • Liutsko, L., Montero, M., Trueba, C., Sala, R., Gallego, E., Sarukhan, A., & Cardis, E. (2020). Stakeholder participation in nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness and recovery in Spain: benefits and challenges of working together. Journal of Radiological Protection, 40(1), N1. doi: https://doi.org/10.1088/1361-6498/ab55cd.
  • Liutsko, L. (2019). The integrative model of personality and the role of personality in a Planetary Health context. PAID, 151, 109512. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.paid.2019.109512.
  • Liutsko, L., Muiños, R., & Tous, J.M. (2014). Age-related differences in proprioceptive and visuo-proprioceptive function in relation to fine motor behaviour. European Journal of Ageing, 11(3), 221-232. doi: 10.1007/s10433-013-0304-6.