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The primary focus of his current research is the link between climate variability and health impacts. Joan Ballester aims to describe the major sources of vulnerability, and if, which and to what extent societies have already started to adapt to climate change. He is also analyzing weather and climate predictability at a range of timescales, from days to seasons, so that it can be used for the generation of skilful early warning systems of disease risk. His ultimate goal is to improve the well-being of societies by increasing human resilience and adaptation to climate variability and change.

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Main publications

  • Achebak H, Devolder D, Ingole V, Ballester J. Reversal of the seasonality of temperature-attributable mortality from respiratory diseases in Spain. Nature Communications 11, 2457 (2020). 
  • Achebak H, Devolder D, Ballester J. Sex-age trends in heat- and cold-related mortality from cardiovascular diseases in a warming climate: A countrywide time-series study from Spain. The Lancet Planetary Health 3, e297-306 (2019).
  • Ballester J, Robine JM, Herrmann FR, Rodó X. Effect of the Great Recession on regional mortality trends in Europe. Nature Communications 19, 679 (2019).
  •  Achebak H, Devolder D, Ballester J. Heat-related mortality trends under recent climate warming in Spain: a 36-year observational study. PLOS Medicine 15, e1002617 (2018).
  • Ballester J, Rodó X, Robine JM, Herrmann FR. European seasonal mortality and influenza incidence due to winter temperature variability. Nature Climate Change 6, 927-930 (2016).

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