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Clara Pons

Clara Pons

Predoctoral Fellow Maternal, Child & Reproductive Health

Clara Pons Duran holds a degree in Biomedical Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). In 2015, she graduated from the Master of Clinical Research, International Health track, from ISGlobal and the University of Barcelona (UB).

She worked on HIV and socioeconomic status during her master’s thesis, which was then followed by a professional internship in ISGlobal's Chagas Initiative. In late 2015, she started working in the Maternal, Reproductive and Child Health Initiative as a Research Assistant under the supervision of Dr. Clara Menéndez. She led a project about women’s and girls’ health inequalities in sub-Saharan Africa in collaboration with the World Bank, where she also completed two work stays (Washington, DC).

Currently, Clara is a predoctoral fellow in the maternal, reproductive and child health research team, and works on women’s and girls' inequalities in low- and middle-income countries. She holds a FPU predoctoral scholarship from the Spanish government's Ministry of Education, Science and Sport.

Main Publications

  • Pons-Duran C, Lucas A, Narayan A, Dabalen A, Menendez C. Inequalities in sub-Saharan African women's and girls' health opportunities and outcomes: evidence from the Demographic and Health Surveys. J Glob Health. 2019 Jun;9(1):010410. doi: 10.7189/jogh.09.010410.  
  • González R, Pons-Duran C, Piqueras M, Aponte JJ, Ter Kuile FO, Menéndez C. Mefloquine for preventing malaria in pregnant women. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2018 Nov 14;11:CD011444. doi: 10.1002/14651858.CD011444.pub3.
  • Pons-Duran C, González R, Quintó L, Munguambe K, Tallada J, Naniche D, et al. Association between HIV infection and socioeconomic status: evidence from a semi-rural area of Southern Mozambique. Trop Med Int Health. 2016 Dec;21(12):1513-1521. doi: 10.1111/tmi.12789.