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And They Also Write: ISGlobal Authors

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To celebrate International Book Day on 23 April we have put together a selection of books published by people who work at ISGlobal. You will find a novel by a paediatrician, short stories by the coordinator of the Chagas Coalition and poems by one of our Communications coordinators. Visit our ISGlobal bookshop!


Rosauro Varo Cobos

Lugar común (Common place), by Editorial Mixtura (Barcelona, 2022), is available in Barcelona bookshops such as Nollegiu and Altaïr and on the Editorial Mixtura website. In Spanish.


Javier Sancho Mas

Tres niños sin fronteras que vencieron al miedo (Three children without borders who overcame fear), published by Random House-Alfaguara infantill (2022), is available at Casa del LibroPenguin Libros y Amazon. 3% of the sale of the book will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières. In Spanish.

Javier has always written literature, usually based on real events. "I combine my work as a journalist and philologist with my experience in cooperation and the world of health," he explains. In 2011 he published Si estuvieras aquí (If you were here) in Editorial Icaria, a collection of stories based on real events in Central America, "about people who gave everything for a dream and then...". It is sold on Amazon. In Spanish.


Carlota Dobaño

Washington DC-NY: 11 de setembre 2001-2002, written with Àngel Raluy, is published by Editorial Rubrica (El Prat de Llobregat, 2018). It is available on Amazon, in bookshops in El Prat de Llobregat and can also be purchased directly from the author (€10). In Catalan.


Rafael Vilasanjuan

Las fronteras de Ulises. El viaje de los refugiados a Europa (The borders of Ulysses. The refugees' journey to Europe), published by Editorial Debate (2021), is available at la Casa del LibroAmazonFnac and La CentralIn Spanish.


Pau Rubio

La longitud del olvido (The length of oblivion) brings together Pau's poems and the graphic work of several artists. Funded by the Fundación Mutua Levante and contributions collected through a crowdfunding campaign, it can be purchased on the website of the Fundación Mutua Levante. All proceeds from the book will go to the Asociación de Familiares y Amigos de Enfermos de Alzheimer de Alcoy Comarca (Association of Family and Friends of Alzheimer's Patients of Alcoy Comarca). In Spanish.

Pau is also the author of the text for ISGlobal's comic Redrawing Barcelona.


Leire Pajín

Un mundo en cambio (A changing world) brings together Leire's conversations with Kemal Dervis. It was published by Libros de la Catarata (2007) and is available at FnacAmazon and la Editorial Catarata websiteIn Spanish.

Leire has also published Estado de bienestar y competitividad: La experiencia europea (Welfare state and competitiveness: The European experience), by Siglo XXI de España Editores (2007). It canbe found on Amazon and Casa del LibroIn Spanish.


Mark Nieuwenhuijsen

COVID19 and the City: the COVID19 pandemic and the transformation of the city is a self-published book in 2020. It can be purchased on Amazon. In English.

Mark has also published seven other books in English on environmental epidemiology and urban and transport planning.


Gonzalo Fanjul

Somos el 99%. Una vuelta en bici por la desigualdad (We are the 99%. A bike ride for inequality) is a book by Gonzalo Fanjul and Marc Grañó, published by Alfaguara (2017). It is available at Casa del Libro and  Amazon, among others. In Spanish.


Boris Cheval

Le syndrome du paresseux (The lazy syndrome) was published by Dunod (Paris, 2020). Boris wrote it with Matthieu Boisgontier. In French.


Leonardo de la Torre Ávila

No llores, prenda, pronto volveré: migración, movilidad social, herida familiar y desarrollo (Don't cry, honey, I'll be back soon: migration, social mobility, family wound and development) is published by PIEB, IFEA, UCB (2006). It is available on Amazon. In Spanish.

Leonardo has also published La cheqanchada: caminos y sendas de desarrollo en los municipios migrantes de Arbieto y Toco (La cheqanchada: The development pathways in the migrant municipalities of Arbieto and Toco), with Yolanda Alfaro Aramayo. It is published by PIEB, CESU and DICYT-UMSS (2007). In Spanish.


Aleix Cabrera

Aleix has published around thirty children's stories for first readers, in languages as diverse as Thai, Turkish, Catalan, Spanish, English and Portuguese. Most of them are illustrated by Rosa Maria Curto. Here are some of them.

Les fades ens parlen de... (The fairies tell us about...) is the first collection he wrote and each story is about a value: generosity, empathy, gratitude, self-esteem, courage, solidarity, responsibility and humility. They are published by Susaeta Ediciones and you can find them on Amazon or in your local bookshop.


Yvette Moya-Angeler

Últimes veus d’una època (Last voices of an era) was self-published in 2015. It is available in some bookshops in Catalonia and in the network of municipal libraries of the Diputació de Barcelona. In Catalan.

In 2018, Yvette also published 30 anys, 30 mirades (30 years, 30 views), commissioned by the Consorci del Besòs Tordera, in which 30 people linked to the rivers of the Besòs basin talk about the environmental improvements that the basin has experienced in the last 30 years. The book is not for sale, but it can be ordered from the author or from the Consorci Besòs Tordera. It is also available onlineIn Catalan.


Ah, The ISGlobal Comic!

The comic Redrawing Barcelona, with text by Pau Rubio and illustrations by Andrea Lucio, is published by ISGlobal (2021) and can be read and downloaded free of charge in three languages: EnglishSpanish and Catalan.


And Furthermore...

  • Daniel G. Abiétar, Resident in Preventive Medicine at the Hospital del Mar, who is on rotation at ISGlobal's Analysis Department, has published ¿Sólo dos? La medicina ante la ficción política del binarismo sexo-género (Only two? Medicine in the Face of the Political Fiction of Sex-Gender Binarism), published by Local Cambalache (Oviedo) in 2019. It is available online free of charge. It can also be purchased in any physical bookshop or on the Local Cambalache website.
  • Liudmila Liutsko, until recently a researcher at ISGlobal, has published the story in Catalan “El conte de l'espurneta del Sol: Un viatge d'aventura a la Terra” (The Tale of the Sparkle of the Sun: A Journey of Adventure on Earth), published by l’Associació de Relataires en Catala - Lo Càntich (Part One and Part Two).