Enfermedades arbovirales, una preocupación creciente

Arboviral Diseases, an Increasing Concern


The emergence of dengue as the most important arboviral disease in the world has created increasing concerns during the last decade due to a variety of factors: the costs for containing epidemics in endemic countries, the explosive demand for health services during outbreaks, the risks for moving populations (tourism, migrants, military personnel, etc), the financial impact on developing countries’ economies, and the poor performance of public health surveillance and control agencies in the ministries of health.

The recent detection and fast dispersion of Chikungunya cases, another arboviral disease, in the Caribbean basin brings new challenges to the surveillance systems in dengue endemic areas as well as areas where transmission may be triggered by the presence of potential vectors such as Aedes albopictus. The introduction to virgin soils and the dispersal potential in areas where vectors are already present puts large populations at risk and demands innovative operational changes to improve clinical detection of cases, opportune diagnosis and enhanced report of suspected cases that will prove vital to the containment of transmission and dispersion of both infections. Its clinical spectrum highlights the need to prepare health personnel and provide health units with sufficient diagnostic resources. The lack of a vaccine, effective treatments and sustainable vector control interventions provides a solid ground for these two infections to potentiate their damage, increase the disability or lethal effects on young and older populations.

The third edition of the Course on Arboviral diseases with special emphasis on dengue and chikungunya -- to be celebrated in Barcelona in late October 2014 -- is directed to all health professionals interested in global health issues, clinicians in contact with international travelers or moving populations, personnel responsible of surveillance and control of vector borne diseases as well as laboratory personnel involved in diagnosis of infectious diseases.

This third edition will also inaugurate the Ned Hayes Memorial Lecture in honor of a great infectious disease epidemiologist and close friend of the ISGlobal community.

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