7 cosas que aprenderás en el Máster en Salud Global (infografía)

7 Things You'll Learn in the Master of Global Health (infographic)


The development of equitable and sustainable solutions for today’s global health challenges requires the work of many people, across borders and across fields of study. While biomedicine, health and life sciences continue to fuel advances, new strategies and interventions will also be grounded in the contributions of social sciences, economics, politics, law, anthropology, sociology, management, communications, education and other disciplines. The following infograph highlights how some of these themes are developed through the  ISGlobal-University of Barcelona Master of Global Health, which begins its second year in fall 2013.

1) How whether you go to school could have just as much impact on your health as whether you go to the doctor.

2) That chronic illnesses, like cancer and heart disease, are no longer just the concern of high-income countries.

3) That rigorous research, whether quantitative or qualitative, is a cornerstone of Global Health.

4) That a global economy means that global cooperation is needed to fund essential R&D.

5) That essential management skills are not just for business students -- They are needed to reach oru global health goals.

6) That communicable diseases, like malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, are not just a problem of the South.

7) That effective health policies and strategies also need a strong political willl and leadership.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can contribute to the world-wide effort to solve our most difficult global health challenges.

Join us at the ISGlobal-UB Master of Global Health.

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