¿Han muerto los blogs?

Is Blogging Dead?

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So, is blogging dead? We don't think so. In fact this post is more like a birth certificate.

Many experts have certified that the blog is dead; and they have their reasons. You only have to surf the blogosphere to see that the phenomenon is no longer in full swing. Heavy Internet users today are not waiting anxiously for the next post from their favourite blogger. But, does that mean that blogging is dead?

Obviously, if we believed in the demise of the blog we would not be starting this one.  We are going to call our new arrival Health ISGlobal. And it will be about science and R&D in health. About development, cooperation and training. About science for everyone. About ideas. And, of course, about global health.

Although no longer the only tool out there, the blog is still a very useful way to:

  • communicating science
  • publish those stories that wouldn’t fit in a news section
  • stimulate discussions that will spread out on the social networks
  • provide a platform for people involved in global health.  

The experts investigating the allegation that blogging is dead all point to Twitter and Facebook as the most likely culprits. Our decision to create this Health ISGlobal blog comes from a conviction that, although the small screen obliges writers to condense their message, it is not possible to fit everything into 140 characters. Micro-blogging is an excellent complement to the blog, but not a substitute. 

As of today, this space is open, and waiting for contributions from anyone who has something to say. To encourage participation, we have created a presentation specifically designed with the scientific professional in mind.

Do you have something to say?

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