European Researchers' Night

Quick talk during the European Researchers' Night 2018, at CosmoCaixa, Barcelona
Photo: Raül Toran
Girona, Barcelona, Lleida, Tarragona

On Friday, 27th September, Catalonia will celebrate a new edition of the European Researchers' Night, known as EuNightCat here. This EU H2020 project intends to bring science and researchers close to socitey, as well as to help break existing stereotypes, to promote research among young people and foster new scientific vocations. To do so, a wide range of activities has been scheduled in the four catalan regions: Girona, Barcelona, Lleida and Tarragona.

#EuNightCat initiative is led by the universities of Barcelona, Lleida and Girona, the University Rovira i Virgili, the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) and ISGlobal, aiming to explain and show the research that is being done here.

150 Activities in Barcelona

Barcelona will be one of the 300 European cities which will host a researchers' night, in this case, with more than 150 initiatives throughout the city, thanks to the involvement of serveral research centres and universities. Therefore, interested people will find talks, workshops and outreach activities in CosmoCaixa, the Urgell and Vil·la Urània civic centres, the library Sagrada Família-Josep M. Ainaud de Lasarte, the CSIC Delegation in Catalonia, the historical main building of the University of Barcelona and FabCafè.

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