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Pneumonia: Story of a Mortal Struggle

The Fight Against Pneumonia-Induced Child Mortality. A Case Study from Mozambique

Women walking along a sand road to Mapai, Mozambique.

On the occasion of World Pneumonia Day, we published the report entitled "Pneumonia: Story of a Mortal Struggle", written by Joan Tubau, with the collaboration of Berta Briones, and it focuses the fight against infant mortality caused by this syndrome in Mozambique .

The story begins at the Félix Sande's medical office, who works as a General Medicine Agent at the Manchiana Health Unit, in the sub-Saharan country, and shows the injustice of thousands of preventable deaths. Poverty, inequity and a system with insufficient resources are among the basic determining factors. Tubau emphasizes the successes in the fight against pneumonia as well as the setbacks and challenges, which motivate a more than justified call to global action.

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