ISGlobal and the Sabadell City Council Sign a Collaboration Agreement

The agreement will allow exchanging data and developing environmental policies that favour people’s health


After 13 years of uninterrupted collaboration, the Sabadell City Council and ISGlobal have taken a step further in their engagement with translation of scientific research through the formalisation of an agreement between both entities. The agreement will allow ISGlobal to continue developing research projects with data from Sabadell and, in turn, ensures sharing of information so that the Council may use the generated knowledge to develop environmental policies that favour the citizens’ health and quality of life.   

The agreement was presented on Tuesday July 11 by the Sabadell mayor, Juli Fernández, and by the head of the head of the ISGlobal Programme of Child Health, Jordi Sunyer, in an act in which the deputy mayor for sustainable development Maties Serracant and the health counsellor Ramon Vidal were also present. 

To date, the collaboration between ISGlobal and the Sabadell City Council has allowed the development of several research projects, particularly Infancia y Medio Ambiente (INMA) of which one of the seven birth cohorts was initiated in Sabadell in 2004. The more than 740 children that form part of this cohort have participated in a number of studies that have considerably expanded the knowledge on how the environment affects child health.   

Another example of this collaborative effort between both entities is the information provided by ISGlobal on the city’s air pollution that has been used by the municipality to elaborate its Action Plan for the Improvement of Air Quality with 36 measures to reduce air pollution.  

"In ISGlobal we aim to develop a transformative research that does not stop at publishing results but that really results in a positive impact” explains Jordi Sunyer. “In this sense, the agreement with Sabadell’s city council is an excellent example of how the research-generated knowledge can be incorporated into political decisions and lead to health and well-being  benefits for the citizenship”, he adds.

 In turn, Sabadell mayor Juli Fernández underlined the city’s will to “continue generating evidence that can be shared at a global level to improve peoples’ lives”.