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ISGlobal for Peace and Justice: Stop War in Ukraine

Photo: Katie Godowski / Pexels.

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) and its international community of researchers and all its staff strongly condemn the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces and the breaking of national sovereignty and international law, which are already causing injuries and deaths, as well as grief and forced displacements among the civilian population, including children.

We urge President Putin and the Government of Russia to step back from this unprecedented aggression to the Ukrainian people, and we ask the leadership of Russia and Ukraine to find rational, peaceful and constructive ways to sort out the conflict.

In times of global interconnection and interdependence, we the global health scientific community stand for dialogue and cooperation to avoid violent conflicts of any sort between countries or citizens, threatening our health, our environment and our planet. Wars are the instrument of abusive powers when trying to impose their interests, at odds with the respect for humanity and common good.

We join all research institutions, universities and national academies across Europe and the rest of the world, including many research colleagues in Russia and Ukraine, in demanding that war in Ukraine be ceased immediately and that conversations be swiftly initiated to find concerted solutions respecting human rights and principles of sovereignty under international law, while our solidarity and support goes to all the victims of this senseless confrontation.