The First ISGlobal Postdoc Symposium Focuses on Connecting and Collaborating in a Socially Distanced World

All participants may attend a two-hour workshop series given by Elena and Martin R. Lichtenthaler

Photo: Burst / Pexels

During three non-consecutive days, the ISGlobal postdoc researchers are coming together in their first annual meeting. On November 17th, November 24Th and December 1st, they have the opportunity to reconnect with other fellows and to build needed professional skills while working remotely throughout three two-hour online workshops.

All the sessions will be led by Elena and Martin R. Lichtenthaler, that are Applied Improvisation coaches and members of the Performance Lab at the Berkeley Rep School of Theatre. They will introduce the attendees to novel and unconventional methods to lead projects remotely to rapidly connect to other fellows. They will also help them brainstorm ideas, identify opportunities in challenging times, and learn how to compassionately lead, both online and offline.

This workshop series is not a regular online webinar, but interactive and subject to improvisational techniques and exercises, as experience is the best teacher. The attendees will co-create a psychologically safe space to test new ideas, celebrate risk and fail good-naturedly.

The first ISGlobal Postdoc Symposium aims to rethink how to keep interdisciplinary research collaborations while everyone’s priorities are continually changing. Participants will also find effective ways to build professional networks despite the social distance, working from home and taking care of the family at the same time.