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'Campus Clínic Solidari' has been created to promote commitment in health cooperation

The six institutions that make up Campus Clínic have joined forces in a shared strategy for cooperation in the field of health.


Campus Clínic Solidari (Solidarity Campus Clínic) aims to optimise the synergies and commitment to international and local collaboration of all the entities that make up Campus Clínic: the Hospital Clínic Barcelona, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, CAPSBE, IDIBAPS, ISGlobal and the Món Clínic Barcelona Private Foundation.
Their experience, knowledge, people, resources and partnerships are all focused on contributing to the global challenges of global health.

The aim is for all Campus professionals and students to know and learn about the global needs and challenges of health cooperation; to participate in local and international health cooperation projects; to care for people in vulnerable situations; to encourage and promote teaching, training and research in health cooperation; and to establish Campus Clínic's cooperation and commitment as a value recognised by society.

In recent conflicts and emergencies, Campus Clínic Solidari has collaborated by sending medical equipment and materials from the Hospital Clinic that had been withdrawn for renewal, but which could have a second useful life by being used to create a field hospital in Ukraine, and also to help those affected by the earthquake in Morocco.

What does Campus Clínic Solidari do?

Campus Clínic Solidari works in different strategic lines:

  • Twinning with health centres in Mozambique and other regions that have the potential to host healthcare, teaching and/or research projects
  • Intervention in health emergencies by providing medical material for remote support, as in the case of the Field Hospital in Ukraine or the intervention in the Moroccan earthquake.
  • Call for grants to fund projects proposed by Campus Clínic professionals to develop their own or third-party initiatives. To date, over 150 international projects have been funded.
  • Collaboration with NGOs and the Third Sector through stable agreements and one-off actions to ensure help gets to where it is needed; such as for example Open Arms, Bombers Solidaris, Fundació Exit, Fundació Vicente Ferrer or the Fundació Convent de Santa Clara, promoted by Sister Lucia Caram.
  • Training through courses and conferences to share knowledge with the twinned centres and others where cooperation projects can be developed.

Healthcare and non-healthcare professionals, teachers and students and research personnel from all the institutions in the Campus can all participate in Campus Clínic Solidari.