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Faustino Torrico

Faustino Torrico

International Scholar
Since 1991, Faustino Torrico has been Professor of Parasitic Diseases and Infectious Diseases at the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad Mayor de San Simon, Cochabamba, in Bolivia. At the same university, Prof. Torrico is also Coordinator and Professor of Tropical Medicine for the post graduate course of Tropical Medicine (M.Sc in Public Health and Tropical Medicine).
He is also Coordinator of the Cooperation Agreement between the Universidad Mayor de San Simon and French-speaking Belgium Universities, as well as Coordinator of the Bolivian Platform for the Integral Care of Patients With Chagas Disease. Prof. Torrico was responsible for diagnosis and treatment for the National Control Program of Chagas disease in Bolivia from 2004 to 2007, and is currently technical consultant of the same program.
His main research areas are on prevalent infectious diseases in Bolivia (Chagas, tuberculosis, leishmaniasis, and HIV), with a focus on clinical medicine, epidemiology and diagnosis, especially in congenital Chagas disease. 
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