• Malaria Elimination

    Malaria Elimination

    Through this initiative, we hope to contribute to the global effort to eliminate and eventually eradicate this life-threatening disease.

  • Antibiotic Resistance

    Antibiotic Resistance

    We contribute to the understanding of the causes and risk factors for antibiotic resistance, and to the development of new drugs and vaccines

  • Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

    Maternal, Infant and Reproductive Health

    In line with the Millenium Development Goals we are working to reduce child mortality (Goal 4) and to improve maternal health (Goal 5).

  • Chagas


    Our aim in this initiative is to contribute to the international effort to prevent, treat and control Chagas disease.

News & Events

Does size matter?

Does size matter?

Speakers: Albert Picado (PhD, ISGlobal)

El futuro de la cooperación: Objetivos después del Milenio

El futuro de la cooperación: Objetivos después del Milenio

Speakers: Chris Elias, Javier Solana, Pedro Alonso

Our Global Presence

  • Morocco


    Our focus is to improve maternal, newborn and reproductive health through research and education.

  • Bolivia


    We fight Chagas disease.

  • Mozambique


    We work with CISM to build their research capacity and improve the health of the community they serve.

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