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Marina Tarrús

Marina Tarrús

Project manager / outreach technician

Marina Tarrús is Scientific Outreach Technician at ISGlobal. Her background includes a bachelor in Biotechnology (Molecular Biology specialization) from the Universitat de Barcelona; MSc. in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication; postgraduate degrees in Environment and Infrastructures for a Paradigm Shift and in Design for sustainability by Universitat Oberta de Catalunya.

Her main fields of interest are scientific outreach through arts and citizen science methodologies, sustainable development and biotechnology. With experience in scientific journalism (Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research), scientific scenography (Science and Theatre Institute) and with the role of Expert for Sustainable Development and Biotechnology (Environmental Movement of Vojvodina), she has worked in Spain, The Netherlands and the Republic of Serbia promoting projects for community engagement through citizen science and artistic outreach.

Currently she works in the Antimicrobial Resistances Initiative of ISGlobal as an outreach technician in projects as AMR EDUCare, SAFE, ENDÈMIC and EscoLab.

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