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Kelly Safreed Harmon

Kelly Safreed Harmon

Predoctoral fellow VIH / SIDA, Infecciones Víricas y Bacterianas

Kelly Safreed-Harmon is a researcher with the Health Systems Research Group at ISGlobal.

She earned her master’s degree in Population and International Health from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in 2004. Her PhD research focuses on how health systems can identify and respond more effectively to the needs of people with HIV in settings where many of these individuals are receiving effective HIV treatment but are not receiving suitable clinical care for other health issues such as mental health conditions and diseases of ageing.

She also supports Health Systems Research Group leader Jeffrey V. Lazarus on a wide range of viral hepatitis-related projects. An additional thematic focus of her career has been human rights aspects of public health.

Líneas de investigación

  • Health system responses to HIV/AIDS
  • HIV and ageing
  • Hepatitis C elimination
  • Methodological considerations in the hepatitis C cascade of care

Principales publicaciones

  • Lazarus JV, Safreed-Harmon K, Thursz MR, Dillon JF, El-Sayed MH, Elsharkawy AM, et al. The Micro-Elimination Approach to Eliminating Hepatitis C: Strategic and Operational Considerations. Semin Liver Dis. 2018 Aug;38(3):181–92.
  • Lazarus JV, Safreed-Harmon K, Hetherington KL, Bromberg DJ, Ocampo D, Graf N, et al. Health Outcomes for Clients of Needle and Syringe Programs in Prisons. Epidemiol Rev. 2018 Jun 1;40(1):96–104.
  • Safreed-Harmon K, Hetherington KL, Aleman S, Alho H, Dalgard O, Frisch T, et al. Policy responses to hepatitis C in the Nordic countries: Gaps and discrepant reporting in the Hep-Nordic study. PLoS ONE. 2018;13(1):e0190146.
  •  Lazarus JV, Safreed-Harmon K, Barton SE, Costagliola D, Dedes N, Del Amo Valero J, et al. Beyond viral suppression of HIV – the new quality of life frontier. BMC Med. 2016 Jun 22;14(1):94.
  • Lazarus JV, Laut KG, Safreed-Harmon K, Peters L, Johnson M, Fätkenheuer G, et al. Disparities in HIV clinic care across Europe: findings from the EuroSIDA clinic survey. BMC Infect Dis. 2016 Jul 20;16:335.