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The Role of Scientific Advocacy in the EU

Looking beyond 2023

Scientific Advocacy EU
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10 AM - 4 PM
PRBB. Charles Darwin Room
(C. Doctor Aiguader, 88 - 08003 Barcelona)

The workshop will be divided in two parts: an open session during the morning and an internal meeting during the afternoon.

The morning session includes two discussions:

  1. The first one aimed at influencing the EU agenda, in particular taking the opportunity of the Spanish Presidency and the outcome of the 2023 Spanish general election held on July 23 and its implications for the campaign for the European Elections 2024. The discussion will focus on how to promote the engagement of the Spanish government in the promotion of Global Health more actively, starting by the implementation of the EU Global Health Strategy.
  2. The second discussion will be centered around the role of scientific advocacy in providing evidence to policy making, in particular ISGlobal’s, using the review of the EU Air Quality Directives as an example.

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9.45h-10h Registration and welcome coffee

10h-10.15h Welcome: introduction and objectives (Leire Pajín and Alberto Rocamora)


10.15h-11-15h The role of Global Health under the Spanish Presidency and in the new Spanish and European parliamentary political cycle

  • Juan Garay Amores, European Commission
  • Manon Kayser, Global Health Advocate (online)
  • Jolene Skordis, UCL/EGHRIN (online)
  • Virginia Rodríguez, ISGlobal

Leire Pajin, ISGlobal Director of Global Development, will moderate the session


11.15h-12.15h How to influence policy-making and its importance for academia: the case of the EU Air Quality Directives

  • Anne Sttaufer, HEAL (online)
  • Carmen Duce, Clean Cities Campaign Spain
  • Mark Nieuwenhuijsen, ISGlobal

Alberto Rocamora, Advocacy Advisor, will moderate the session


12.15h-12.45h Wrap-up by moderators


12.45h-13.45h Lunch break. A light lunch will be served


This workshop is part of the project (ECT2020-000666), funded by Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (MCIN/AEI/10.13039/501100011033) and European Union “NextGenerationEU”/PRTR”.