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Franco Massimo Giovanni Pagnoni

Franco Massimo Giovanni Pagnoni

Coordinador de Cooperación Técnica Malaria, Salud materna, infantil y reproductiva

Dr. Franco Pagnoni is a medical doctor from Italy, with specialization in Tropical Medicine and a Master degree in Public Health & Community Medicine.

He has lived and worked for over 20 years in Africa as head of several Public Health projects for the Italian Cooperation in Zimbabwe, Mali and Burkina Faso. Between 1993 and 1999 he was Head of the National Centre for Malaria Research and Training in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. He joined WHO in the year 2000, first as epidemiologist in the Malaria Unit in the Regional Office for Africa, then as Manager of Implementation Research in TDR, Geneva, and lastly as leader of the Rapid Access Expansion project in the WHO Global Malaria Program. Since 2015 he is collaborating with the Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health Initiative of ISGlobal on community-based prevention of malaria in pregnancy.

He has extensive experience in malaria control and operational research in Africa. Since 1993, his area of interest has focussed on community-based interventions to improve access to prompt and effective treatment for malaria by underserved populations. He is one of the key researchers in the development of the Community Case Management of Childhood Illnesses strategy.

Lines of Research

  • Community case management of childhood diseases
  • Severe malaria
  • Malaria in pregnancy

Main Publications

  • Modiano D, Sawadogo A, Pagnoni F: Indicators of life-threatening malaria. N Engl J Med. 1995 Oct 12;333(15):1011.
  • Pagnoni F, Convelbo N, Tiendrebeogo J, Cousens S, Esposito F: A community-based programme to provide prompt and adequate treatment of presumptive malaria in children. Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg. 1997 Sep-Oct;91(5):512-7.
  • Sirima BS, Konaté A, Tiono A, Convelbo N, Cousens S, and Pagnoni F: Early treatment of childhood fevers with pre-packaged antimalarial drugs in the home reduces severe malaria morbidity in Burkina Faso. Trop Med Intl Health, 8 (2): 133-139, 2003.
  • Pagnoni F: Home management of malaria: no place like home. Trends Parasitol. 2009 Mar;25(3):115-9. Epub 2009 Jan 23.
  • Pagnoni F et al.: Guest Editor of the Special Supplement on integrated Community Case Management, AJTMH, November 2012.
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