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Alfredo Mayor

Alfredo Mayor

Research Professor Malaria, Salud materna, infantil y reproductiva

 Alfredo Mayor uses a discovery-oriented approach guided by priorities identified by malaria endemic countries and grounded in collaborative efforts to provide scientific evidence on the value of innovative approaches for malaria surveillance and action, with a special emphasis in Mozambique

His research activities rely on four key principles:

  • Advancing scientific knowledge on malaria to improve malaria control and elimination
  • Prioritization based on programmatic needs though a dialogue with National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) and other stakeholders
  • Translational approach building from basic biology of host-parasite interactions
  •  Empowering the new generation of researchers in Mozambique and other malaria endemic countries through capacity building and rooting research in the country.

The public health impact that Mayor is pursuing with his research is: 

  • Guide interventions at scale through a cost-effective and granular malaria stratification
  • Select impactful interventions through an improved understanding of their efficacy and effectiveness in reducing transmission
  • Early warning of parasite threats that can compromise control and elimination
  • Target the transmission reservoir for malaria elimination by triggering locally targeted responses
  • Expand national capacities to transform surveillance into a key malaria intervention 
  • Reduce malaria morbidity and mortality. 

To conduct the research activities, Mayor has combined omic tools (next generation sequencing, high-throughput serological assays and transcriptomics), state-of the art epidemiological approaches (impact evaluations, analysis of geo-spatial clustering and modelling) and clinical trials to inform the Ministries of Health on tools for malaria control and elimination. 

Principales publicaciones

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