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Angeline Cruz

Angeline Cruz

Investigadora predoctoral

Angeline M. Cruz Vázquez is a professional in Clinical Research and Global Health, graduated from the Master of Clinical Research with and specialization in International Health and the Master Global Health both offered by ISGlobal and the University of Barcelona, with a background in Biology.

She is a Predoctoral Fellow of the Migrant Health Groupand is currently working with the implementation of a multi-disease screening programme supported by the ISMiHealth digital tool focused on the migrant population living in Spain. She also has collaborated in various projects with researchers from the Department of International Health of Hospital Clínic.

Líneas de investigación

  • Migration
  • Infectious diseases
  • Tropical Medicine
  • International Health

Principales publicaciones

  • Martínez-Lacalzada, M.*; Cruz, A.*; Subirà, C.; et al; Rodríguez-Valero, N.2024. Lack of a non-specific protective effect of
    prior yellow fever vaccination against COVID-19. J Travel Med. pp.taae027.
  • Aguilar, R.*; Cruz, A.*; Jiménez, A.; et al; Requena-Méndez, A.2023. Evaluation of the accuracy of a multi-infection screening test based on a multiplex immunoassay targeting imported diseases common in migrant populations. Travel Med Infectious Dis. Elsevier. 57, pp.102681.
  • Evangelidou, S*; Cruz, A.*; Osorio, Y.; et al; Requena-Mendez, A.2023. Screening and routine diagnosis of mental disorders among migrants in primary care: A cross-sectional study. J Migr Health. Elsevier. 8, pp.100205.
  • Sequeira-Aymar, E.; Cruz, A.; Serra-Burriel, M.; et al; Requena-Méndez, A.2021. Improving the Detection of Infectious Diseases in At-risk Migrants with an Innovative Integrated Multi-infection Screening Digital Decision Support Tool (IS-MiHealth) in Primary Care: A Pilot Cluster-randomized Controlled Trial. J Travel Med. Oxford University Press.
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