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Recommendations for the Future of European Union Funding for Poverty Related Neglected Diseases and Global Health Research (FP9 and EDCTP)


Ahead of the European Commission's proposal for the next phase of the European Union´s R&D funding programme, ISGlobal together with a network of global health partners coordinated by DSW, put forward ideas about how the next funding cycle (FP9) can respond to the challenges researchers face in the field of Poverty Related Neglected Diseases (PRNDs).

In addition to the list of recommendations to the European Commission and policy makers at national state level in the position paper on FP9, ISGlobal also joins Global Health partners in a call for a dedicated R&I Instrument for diseases of poverty under FP9. This paper recommends that the European Union continues to build on the success of The European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP).