Investigación - Nuestro equipo

Guillaume Chevance is a behavioural scientist with a first MSc in sport sciences, a second in health psychology and a PhD in Human Movement Sciences from the University of Montpellier (France). His thesis objective was to understand the role of specific motivational factors in the adoption of an active lifestyle during and after rehabilitation programmes.

Before joining ISGlobal, he was completing a postdoc at the University of California San Diego (United States). He worked there for two years with a team interested in the design of eHealth interventions and notably adaptive behavioural interventions.

He is currently leading the eHealth group at ISGlobal, which aims to develop, optimize and leverage digital solutions to better understand and promote health-related behaviours and pro-environmental behaviours.

Líneas de investigación

  • Idiographic and high-resolution behavioural assessments 
  • Development of digital-behaviour change interventions
  • Complex adaptive systems theories 
  • Climate change 

Principales publicaciones

  • Chevance G, Baretta D, […] & Hekler E. Goal setting and achievement for walking: A series of n-of-1 digital interventions. Health Psychology, 2020, doi:
  • Chevance G, Hekler E, […] & Bernard P. Digital health at the age of the Anthropocene. The Lancet Digital Health, 2020, doi:
  • Chevance G, Perski, O, & Hekler, E. Innovative methods for observing and changing complex health behaviors: Four propositions. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 2020, doi:
  • Chevance G, Golaszewski N, […] & Godino J. Modelling multiple health behavior change with network analyses: Results from a one-year study conducted among overweight and obese adults. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 2020, doi:
  • Chevance G, Bernard P, […] & Rebar A. The association between implicit attitudes toward physical activity and physical activity behavior: A systematic review and correlational meta-analysis. Health Psychology Review, 2019, doi: