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Meet Our Alumni: Puri Moreno

Foto: Volcán de Agua (Guatemala)

Puri Moreno, graduated from the ISGlobal-University of Barcelona Master of Global Health in 2017. Since then she has been working in the Universidad del Valle de Guatemala as Global Health researcher and professor.  

What were the highlights of your learning experience during the academic year?

Without a doubt, what stands out the most from my experience at ISGlobal is the opportunity to be in contact with so many professionals of the highest standard in the field of Global Health. Also, something very enriching were my classmates, they came from completely different contexts, their experiences enriched every class.

Moreover, I remember the teachers, who always were challenging us to get the best of us. The desire to make an impact in Global Health was in part motivated by them.



Tuc tuc for transportation between communities and collecting corn in the communities (Guatemala).

How did the ISGlobal Master contribute to your career development?

To work in Guatemala, where I am a researcher in Global Health and a teacher, it is essential to have the tools to face a very complex context, where health goes far beyond a diagnosis or a treatment: the socio-cultural environment, economics and political context are much more decisive. Those tools were given to me by the ISGlobal Master, so when I was about to accept my job as a researcher, I firmly believed that I was going to respond to the challenges of the projects and I was confident that I was capable of handling even the most demanding situations.

The degree can open many doors, but you have to know how to surf the wave, setting clear objectives and going for them

What do you hope to further achieve in the field of global health in the future?

At the moment I am researching about antimicrobial resistance from a global health perspective -studying hygiene or sanitation, the cultural context, the practices of society, and the influence of the political and structural context-. In that sense, I hope that all the research that we do will be useful to really make an impact and that I could tell that I contributed to do a significant change.



International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases (Atlanta) and installation of a school community pharmacy.

What advice do you have for current students?

I advise you to take advantage of each class, to have the confidence to approach all the great professionals you will get to know, and to develop a strong social network. It is important to be open to any opportunity that the masters programme could offer.

The degree can open many doors, but you have to know how to surf the wave, setting clear objectives and going for them.

Fortunately, I think ISGlobal students have something in common, which is the desire to work and make an impact.

I hope that all the research that we do will be useful to really make an impact and that I could tell that I contributed to do a significant change

Were the relationships you formed at ISGlobal useful?

Without a doubt, the relationships I established at ISGlobal were crucial in my professional and personal life, especially with my classmates. To this day, I keep in touch with many of them. In general, their stories are also very successful and it is still just as enriching as it was in class to hear about their progress and career adventures, some of them are truly fascinating. This friendship is priceless.