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Bringing Innovation to the Front Line: New Tools to Advance the Global Response to Vector-Borne Diseases

The conference will discuss challenges and opportunities related to research and development for new vector control tools, with a focus on product development

11/05/2017 - 12/05/2017
Fundación Ramón Areces
(Vitruvio, 5) Madrid, Spain

Vector-borne diseases account for nearly one-fifth of the estimated global burden of infectious diseases, and vector control tools have been pivotal in public health gains against them. However, multiple factors threaten future progress.

In this context, investments in innovative vector control tools have resulted in a rich R&D pipeline of novel candidates that share, however, challenges in translating from innovation and early development to advanced development and introduction at scale in a complex, donor driven public health market.

This international conference and exposition, jointly organized by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), Unitaid and the World Health Organization, will reunite representatives from a variety of sectors relevant to vector control, to discuss the R&D pipeline for new products to address vector-borne diseases.

It will offer a space for innovators and developers with non-conventional ideas to discuss how to advance innovation to ensure impact and access. It will examine opportunities for investment in products in development, but also uniquely, the variety of factors that drive industry engagement and field introduction of new products, including the acceptance and scale needed for successful vector control that can advance global health and development objectives. (For the specific objectives, please consult the extended concept note).

The conference will be in English, with simultaneous translation to Spanish. Depending on the final list of participants, translation into French may be also considered.

The conference is open to registration. Limited travel fellowships are available, but restricted to those individuals from malaria endemic countries. Should you be interested in applying for such a travel grant, kindly contact Matiana González at, attaching a statement of interest and a short CV, before March, 31st. Candidates will be selected by the Steering Committee and informed about the decision on April, 7th.

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