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Apolline Saucy

Apolline Saucy

Investigadora posdoctoral Contaminación atmosférica, Planificación urbana, medio ambiente y salud

Apolline Saucy is an environmental epidemiologist with a keen interest in observational epidemiology and health equity.

As part of her previous research experience, Apolline has gained expertise in applying multi-disciplinary methods to disentangle the effects of environmental exposures on cardiovascular health, air pollution modelling, and GIS analyses. Her main research focuses on the health impacts of aircraft noise, but also air pollution and urban exposure mixtures.

At ISGlobal, Apolline is part of the European EXPANSE project (Exposome powered tools for healthy living in urban settings) as an SNSF Postdoctoral Mobility Fellow. Her ultimate goal is to improve equitable access to health and well-being.

Líneas de investigación

  • Epidemiology
  • Exposome and urban exposures
  • Cardiovarscular health

Principales publicaciones

  • Saucy A. Schäffer B.,Tangermann L., Vienneau D., Wunderli J-M., Röösli, M. (2020). “Does night-time aircraft noise trigger mortality? A case-crossover study on 24 886 cardiovascular deaths”. In: European Heart Journal, 17.9, p. 3011
  • Saucy, A., Ragettli, M. S., Vienneau, D., et al. (2021). “The role of extreme temperature in cause-specific acute cardiovascular mortality in Switzerland: A case-crossover study”. In: Science of The Total Environment, 790, 147958
  • Fischer, F., Saucy A., Schmutz C., Mäusezahl, D. (2020). “Do changes in STEC diagnostics mislead interpretation of disease surveillance data in Switzerland? Time trends in positivity from 2007 to 2016.” In: Eurosurveillance.
  • De Hoogh K., Saucy A., Shtein A., et al. (2019). “Predicting Fine-Scale Daily NO2 for 2005-2016 Incorporating OMI Satellite Data Across Switzerland”. In: Environ Sci Technol. 
  • Saucy A., Röösli M., Künzli N., et al. (2018). “Land Use Regression Modelling of Outdoor NO2 and PM2.5 Concentrations in Three Low Income Areas in the Western Cape Province, South Africa”. In: IJERPH 15.7, p. 1452. 
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