Mercè Rius Serra

Mercè Rius Serra

Mercè Rius is Doctor in Biological Sciences from the University of Barcelona (UB) and technician in Risk Prevention. He also completed the Executive Development Programme (PDD) at IESE.

From January of 2016, she is the Director General for Environmental Quality and Climate Change of Generalitat de Catalunya, and from the 2nd of December of 2014, she is the Director of the Catalan Institute of Energy of Generalitat de Catalunya.

From 2011 until May 2015, she was Deputy Assistant to the Environment Council in Barcelona. Also from 2011, she was named Vice President of the Network of Cities and Towns for Sustainability, Vice President of the Network of Cities Españolas by Bike and Patron of the Environmental Forum Foundation. Currently she is a member of the Executive Committee of ICLEI Europe.

She has been a Councilor for the City of Badalona since 2007, where she was deputy mayor and councilor of the Department of Environment and Mobility (between 2007 and 2011) and councilor of district 1 (from 2011).

Since 1997, she developed her career path in the urban wastewater field in companies like Abensur-Abengoa and UTE Emte Service as Plant Manager of various urban wastewater treatment plants in the basin of the river Llobregat. Since 2001 she worked as the head of various contracts also issues related to wastewater treatment engineering in PaymaCotas SAU and Asesoría Técnica y Control, SA.