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Lucie Rabattu

Lucie Rabattu

Digital Innovation Manager

Lucie Rabattu holds an MSc in Management (IESEG), a Master of Applied Business in Marketing (QUT) and a Master of Public Health (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique). Under the supervision of Guillaume Chevance, Head of the eHealth group at ISGlobal, she conducted research on the digital options enabling to crowdsource passively-collected mobile health data for public health.

She is interested in the potential of digital tools and technologies (IoT, AI etc.) to improve global health, and reduce inequalities worldwide. Among other things, the data derived from mobile devices (mainly smartphones and activity trackers) can help predict and prevent diseases (e.g., COVID-19, type 2 diabetes, mental health conditions), understand the factors motivating healthy behaviours, and identify new ways to promote sustained behavioural changes.

She believes that all of us, citizens, can make a difference to improve health if a wider collaboration is achieved between research and society. She gained experience in the private sector, including both within big corporations and start-ups. She wants to help bridge the gap between private and public organisations, by facilitating co-development agreements.

Lucie is currently working in the Innovation Department at ISGlobal, as a Digital Innovation Manager, in the Knowledge & Technology Transfer unit.

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