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Helen Nwanosike

Helen Nwanosike

Technical Officer

Helen Nnenaya Nwanosike possesses extensive expertise in global health and clinical medicine, evident through her Doctor of Medicine (M.D) degree from the University of Buea in Cameroon. Complementing this foundation, she achieved a joint master’s degree in public health in disasters, specializing in advanced research and epidemiology, offered by the University of Oviedo in Spain and the University of Nicosia in Cyprus within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus mobility program.

Helen's professional trajectory includes noteworthy accomplishments. Her role as a medical officer enabled her to adeptly manage cases of tropical and infectious diseases, including malaria. Particularly noteworthy is her pivotal contribution, alongside fellow WHO scholar alumni, to the conception and execution of a UNICEF-funded immunization initiative designed for a conflict-stricken area in Cameroon. Moreover, she lent her expertise to Evidence Aid, a non-profit organization, participating in the review of evidence crucial for shaping COVID-19 management guidelines. Her diverse portfolio encompasses her engagement as a Health and Sanitation Consultant at Energy Research Consulting, and her recent role within Save the Children Sweden's international funding and partnership department.

She presently serves as a Technical Officer with MESA, Helen's journey stands as a testament to her commitment to advancing global health.

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