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Meet our Alumni: Eva Iráizoz


Eva Iráizoz graduated from the ISGlobal – University of Barcelona Master of Global Health in 2016. She is currently working at the non-profit foundation Salud por Derecho (Health by Right) as advocacy and research officer in the field of access to medicines.


How did the ISGlobal master complement your career?

I studied the master of Global Health because I wanted, not just to acquire new knowledge or complement my career, but because I also wanted to change my path. At first, I was not sure about what exactly I wanted to do, I was just a pharmacist specially concerned about defending the universal right to health and social justice. I had been working as a community pharmacist almost since I left university and I needed to get a broader perspective of health. I knew I had to approach public and international health areas and become more policy-oriented.

The master took me to a variety of subjects, teachers and experiences, and it was very challenging and demanding in a positive sense. It definitely opened my mind and allowed me to acquire the needed technical expertise from a multidisciplinary approach and to enrich myself thanks to the master`s international environment.

So, in that sense, I can say that thanks to the master I could finally get the necessary tools to re-start professionally in this different path and build a solid baseline from where I could launch and from where I want to keep growing.

"The master opened my mind and allowed me to acquire the needed technical expertise from a multidisciplinary approach"

Were the relationships your formed at ISGlobal useful?

While you are doing the master, it is very exciting and inspiring to feel that you are part of an international global health community. In terms of job opportunities, the master was a great opportunity to make contacts and start the creation of a global health network. In addition, it is very encouraging and satisfying to meet colleagues from your network in different working spaces and to keep in touch with teachers.

Eva Iráizoz

What do you hope to further achieve in the field of global health in the future?

This is a difficult question. As I said, I want to continue learning and growing in the global health field. If I had to choose, I would want to continue working on policy-oriented research and generation of evidence, supporting policy campaigns in order to achieve health equity and ensuring the universal right to health at global level. Nowadays I am working in the area of access to medicines, mainly at a national level, but I am opened to other fields. Global Health is a huge and beautiful discipline. The more I learn, the more I feel the need to keep learning!

"The master is sometimes very challenging, but it is worthy to see it as a unique opportunity"

What advice do you have for current students?

First of all, don’t panic and work hard! The master is sometimes very challenging, but it is worthy to see it as a unique opportunity. Approach the teachers, don’t be afraid to ask, don’t be afraid to fail and try to do your best in every class you attend, every article you read, every assignment you must submit (oh, deadlines!) or even in the “scary” master final project. Do not miss interesting global health- related events or seminars outside the class: they enrich your learning process.

Secondly, and very important, be an active part of this great global health community by exchanging experiences with your colleagues. You will cross many different people with their different backgrounds, lives and experiences. Take the great opportunity to learn a lot from other students and teachers and do not hesitate to ask for advice to former students in this Alumni community.

And, of course, if you are in Barcelona: enjoy the city! Run away from tourists (if still possible) and lose yourself in its narrow streets and amazing culture. Good luck!

Eva Iráizoz