H2020-New URBAN_X

External and Internal Human Exposure in Urban EXposome

Proyecto H2020 New URBAN X
01/09/2019 - 31/08/2022
Martine Vrijheid
Horizon 2020 - European Commission

More than half of the world's population lives in urbanized areas, and the size of the urban population is continuously increasing. Urban populations are exposed to a large number of environmental influences that can negatively affect human health. In response to the urgent need to understand the impact of the urban environment on human health, the new concept of the “urban exposome” has emerged.


The aim of this project is to develop a strategic partnership of the RECETOX Centre in the Czech Republic, one of the Widening countries, with two leading international counterparts at the EU level (UCL in the UK, ISGlobal in Spain) to establish scientific collaboration and networking activities among these institutions to increase European research excellence in the area of the urban exposome.

RECETOX has access to large longitudinal datasets of air monitoring, census, epidemiological, and biomonitoring studies in urban areas but there is a relative lack of expertise at RECETOX to exploit these datasets’ full potential. Therefore, there is a need to establish a strategic partnership with experienced international partners and global leaders in exposome studies. ISGlobal and UCL will provide and transfer their expertise in investigating the urban exposome.

The proposed research will link data on environmental exposures and health outcomes, and use advanced statistical and machine learning methods to investigate the impact of the urban exposome on the health of urban populations.

Through this strategic partnership, RECETOX expertise will be expanded to the areas of environmental health and environmental epidemiology by the combination of collaborative research, education and training activities, junior researcher mobility, and support for early-stage researcher career development. The partnership with leading European research institutions will enhance RECETOX’s innovation capacity and research performance and improve its collaborative potential in Europe.

Total Funding

199,355 €

Nuestro equipo


  • Martine Vrijheid
    Martine Vrijheid Jefa del programa de Infancia y medio ambiente, Research Professor y Coordinadora de la Cohorte INMA-Sabadell

ISGlobal Team

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