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September 2020


The MALTEM Programme Achieves an 85% Reduction in Malaria Cases, but Does not Eliminate the Disease


A study in the Mozambican district of Magude provides valuable lessons for global efforts aimed at eliminating the disease

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COVID-19: Scientific Updates
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New Issues of the COVID-19 & Response Strategy Series: Latin America and Older Adults
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Manolis Kogevinas Receives John Goldsmith Award
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Weight in First Years of Life Can Affect Lung Health in Later Childhood
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A Study on Maternal Mortality in Mozambique Detects a Major Diagnostic Error in a High Percentage of Deaths
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Night-Time Exposure to Blue Light Associated With Increased Risk of Colorectal Cancer
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No Association Found Between Exposure to Mobile Devices and Brain Volume Alterations in Adolescents
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An ISGlobal Team Advances the Search of Biomarkers for Chagas Disease
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The Exposome: Understanding the Effect of the Environment on Our Health
New Infographic!

   Resultado de imagen de ICON EVENT    BLOG HEALTH IS GLOBAL
 Natalia Rodríguez-Valero & Pau Rubio
West Nile Virus: Another Pathogen Going Global
Mark J Nieuwenhuijsen
Building Resilience to COVID-19
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   Resultado de imagen de ICON EVENT    AGENDA
Inmunización, ¿cómo funciona?
Carlota Dobaño (ISGlobal)
7 October
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 Resultado de imagen de ICON EVENT    TRAINING PROGRAMMES
Health Systems and Policies
19-29 October 2020
Master of Global Health
September 2020 - June 2021
Master of Clinical Research
September 2020 - June 2021
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