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September 2019

33% of New Childhood Asthma Cases in Europe Attributable to Air Pollution


A study in 18 European countries suggests that current WHO air quality guidelines for NO2 do not provide sufficient protection for children

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The RTS,S Vaccine Could Favour the Acquisition of Natural Immunity against the Malaria Parasite
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Micro-Combat Card Game Named Best Initiative to Raise Awareness About Antibiotic Resistance
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Prenatal Exposure to a Compound Found in Pesticides Associated with Reduced Lung Function in Childhood
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Malaria Eradication is Feasible, but Needs Innovation
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Girls Who Are More Physically Active in Childhood May Have Better Lung Function in Adolescence 
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Nanovectors Could Improve the Combined Administration of Antimalarial Drugs
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Environmental Exposures During Pregnancy and Childhood Could Affect Blood Pressure in Children 
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Unmasking the Hidden Burden of Tuberculosis in Mozambique through a Highly Sensitive Post-Mortem Analysis
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B·Debate: Reversing a Dystopian Future. New Strategies to Discover Antibacterial Agents
Jordi Vila, Sara M. Soto, Clara Ballesté (ISGlobal)
12-14 November
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10 Reasons Why Spain Should Invest in the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria
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