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July-August 2020

A Second COVID-19 Wave Could Be Avoided if Social Distancing and the Use of Face Masks are Maintained


A model developed by ISGlobal shows that deconfinement must be gradual and that individual behaviour is a key factor

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New Issues of the COVID-19 & Response Strategy Series: International Travel, Development Cooperation, Other Epidemics, and Gender Impact
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Air Pollution, Smoking and Built Environment are Associated with an Increased Risk of Childhood Obesity
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Infections Contribute to More Than Half of Child Deaths in Developing Countries
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Study Demonstrates Association Between Exposure to Air Pollution and Vascular Damage
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Walking Along Blue Spaces Such as Beaches or Lakes Benefits Mental Health
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An ISGlobal Team Achieves Massive Sexual Conversion of the Malaria Parasite in a Dish
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Juliane Chaccour, Marta Valente, Carolyn Daher and Mònica Ubalde
COVID-19 and the Return to Normality: What Are the Priorities For Schools?
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