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April 2019

Study Shows Shorter Treatment for Chagas Disease Could Be Just as Effective and Significantly Safer

Results could help remove one of the barriers to treatment scale up and bring new hope for people with Chagas disease

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Maternal Diet during Pregnancy May Modulate the Risk of ADHD Symptoms in Children
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The Strategic Alliance between CISM and ISGlobal: A Shared Project
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International Research Group Launches Largest Ever Study for Integrating and Decentralising HIV, Diabetes, and Hypertension Services in Africa
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Chronic Kidney Disease of Undetermined Causes, Described Originally in Central America and Sri Lanka, is Also Present in India
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Jenny Banalcazar Mosquera
Alba Cabré
Lola Jover
Anna Lucas
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The P. falciparum Dry Season Reservoir: A Long Game of Hide and Seek
Silvia Portugal (Universitäts Klinikum Heidelberg)
24 April

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In 1956 London marked a milestone: the Clean Aire Act was approved and, for the first time, the emission of industrial and household fumes, was regulated.
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