Statistical Software by Xavier Basagaña

All R packages have been written by Jose Barrera-Gómez.

Package tlm

tlm is a package that calculates measures of effect interpretable in the original scale of the variables in linear, logistic and Poisson regression models with transformations. It covers the cases of logarithmic or power transformations. The package provides both numerical and graphical outputs as well as information on interpreting results.

The methods are described in the manuscript:

Barrera-Gómez J, Basagaña X. Models with transformed variables: interpretation and software. Epidemiology 2015; 26(2): e16-17.

The package is available on CRAN:

Package miclust

miclust is an R package to perform cluster analysis with selection of the final number of clusters and an optional variable selection procedure. The package is designed to integrate the results of multiply imputed datasets while accounting for the uncertainty that the imputations introduce in the final results.

The methods are described in the manuscript:

Basagaña X, Barrera-Gómez J, Benet M, Antó JM, Garcia-Aymerich J. A Framework for Multiple Imputation in Cluster Analysis. Am J Epidemiol. 2013; 177(7):718-25.


Package optimalAllocation

optimalAllocation is a package that, in the context of observational longitudinal studies, allows calculating the optimal combination of the number of participants and the number of repeated measurements that maximize the power of the study while not exceeding a pre-specified budget, or the combination that minimizes the cost of the study while achieving a certain target power.

The methods are described in the manuscript:

Barrera-Gómez J, Spiegelman D, Basagaña X. Optimal combination of number of participants and number of repeated measurements in longitudinal studies with time-varying exposure. Statistics in Medicine, 2013; 32(27):4748-62.