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Silvie Huijben

Post-doctoral Fellow

Since November 2013, Silvie Huijben is a post-doctoral fellow at ISGlobal. Previously, she was a post-doctoral scholar at the Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics in Pennsylvania State University, USA.  

From October 2006 until December 2009 she was a PhD candidate at the Institutes of Evolution, Immunology and Infection Research, in Edinburgh University, UK, where she was supervised by Prof. Andrew Read. Her thesis was titled “Experimental studies on the ecology and evolution of drug-resistant malaria parasites”.

Between June 2003 and August 2006 she obtained her MSc in Biology (Entomology/Parasitology) at Wageningen University, Netherlands. Prior to that, in 2004, she got her BSc in Biology (Zoology), at Wageningen University, Netherlands

Lines of Research

  • The ecology and evolution of drug resistant P. falciparum parasites.
  • HIV-malaria co-infections
  • Insecticide resistance

Main Publications

  • Huijben, S., Chan, B.H.K., & Read, A.F. (in press). The relevance of undetectably rare resistant malaria parasites in treatment failure: experimental evidence from Plasmodium chabaudi. American Journal of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
  • Pollitt, L.C., Huijben, S., Sim, D.G., Salathe, R.M., Jones, M. & Read, A.F. (2014). Rapid response to selection, competitive release and increased transmission potential of artesunate-selected Plasmodium chabaudi malaria parasites. PLoS Pathogens 10: e1004019.
  • Huijben, S., Bell, A.S., Sim, D.G., Salathe, R., Tomasello, D., Mideo, N., Day, T., & Read, A.F. (2013). Aggressive chemotherapy and the selection of drug resistant pathogens. PLoS Pathogens 9: e1003578.
  • Metcalf, C.J.E., Graham, A.L., Huijben, S., Barclay, V.C., Long, G.H., Grenfell, B.T., Read, A.F., & Bjornstad, O.N. (2011)  Partitioning and quantifying regulatory mechanisms acting on within host malaria using the effective propagation number. Science 333: 984-988.
  • Read, A.F., Day, T., & Huijben, S. (2011). The evolution of drug resistance and the curious orthodoxy of aggressive chemotherapy. PNAS 108: 10871-10877.