COVID-19 and Africa: Surviving between a rock and a hard place.

de Aranzabal M, Fumadó V, Alegría I, Rivera M, Torre N, Guibert B, Muñoz MJ, Moraleda C, Bassat Q, en representación del Grupo de Cooperación internacionalde la Asociación Española de Pediatría (AEP).
- With over 575,000 deaths and about 13.3 million cases globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a terrible impact globally during the 6 months since cases were first detected in China. Conscious of the many challenges presented in settings with abundance of resources and with robust health systems, where mortality has been significant and transmission difficult to control, there was a logical concern to see how the virus could impact African countries, and their fragile and weak health systems. Such an anticipated "tsunami", with potentially devastating consequences, seems however to not have yet arrived, and African countries, albeit witnessing an increasing degree of autochthonous transmission, seem to this day relatively unaffected by the pandemic. In this article we review the current situation of the pandemic in the African continent, trying to understand the determinants of its slow progress.