Research - Our Team

Staff list

  • Belén Saavedra
    Belén Saavedra Predoctoral Fellow
  • Ashby Sachs
    Ashby Sachs Project Manager
  • Kelly Safreed Harmon
    Kelly Safreed Harmon Predoctoral fellow
  • Adrià San José
    Adrià San José Predoctoral Fellow
  • Andrea Sánchez
    Andrea Sánchez Biostatician Technician
  • Miriam Sánchez
    Miriam Sánchez Research Technician
  • Jessica Sánchez Galán
    Jessica Sánchez Galán Research Technician
  • Júlia Sangüesa
    Júlia Sangüesa Predoctoral Researcher
  • Rebeca Santano
    Rebeca Santano Predoctoral Fellow
  • Sergi Sanz
    Sergi Sanz Head of Department - Statistics
  • Almudena  Sanz
    Almudena Sanz Project Technician
  • Anna Saura
    Anna Saura Predoctoral Fellow
  • Sandra Segarra
    Sandra Segarra Laboratory Technician
  • Shajal Shaikh
    Shajal Shaikh Tècnic informàtic
    ELISA SICURI Associate Research Professor
  • Miryam Solé
    Miryam Solé Research Technician
  • Sara Soto
    Sara Soto Associate Research Professor and Head of the Viral and Bacterial Infections Programme at ISGlobal.
  • Linda Stoeger
    Linda Stoeger Research Assistant
  • Kurt Straif
    Kurt Straif Research Assistant
  • Nikos Stratakis
    Nikos Stratakis Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Carme Subirà
    Carme Subirà Research Technician
  • Maria Subirana
    Maria Subirana Tècnica de camp
  • Jordi Sunyer
    Jordi Sunyer Research Professor