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Mònica Ubalde

Mònica Ubalde

Postdoctoral Researcher Air Pollution, Urban Planning, Environment and Health, Climate & Health

Mònica Ubalde is a biologist by training and a Public Health epidemiologist. She currently develops her research work at the Urban Planning, Environment and Health Initiative, within the Air pollution and Urban Environment Programme at ISGlobal.

She coordinates studies within national and international projects (e.g. Climate Shelters-UIA, proGIreg-H2020, ATHLETE-H2020) to evaluate impacts of nature-based solutions and urban planning interventions in public spaces on health and wellbeing, environmental and personal exposures, use of public space, and social cohesion, with a specific focus on school environments and children.

She is also involved in studies that include health impact assessment (HIA), citizen science, and knowledge translation. She has also broad expertise in Occupational Epidemiology. Specifically, she has expertise in assessing the impact of chronic conditions and multimorbidity on target occupational outcomes, and how working life trajectories impact the course of health from a life course perspective.

Lines of research

  • Urban environment
  • Climate change
  • Interventions
  • Health impact evaluation
  • Social epidemiology

Main publications

  • Lear A, Ubalde-Lopez M, Serra L. Labor market situation after an episode of sickness absence due to malignant neoplasia. Evidence from a Spanish cohort. BMC Public Health 2019; 19(1):506.
  • Ubalde-Lopez M, Arends I, Almansa J, Delclos GL, Gimeno D, Bültmann U. Beyond return to work: The effect of multimorbidity on work functioning trajectories after sick leave due to common mental disorders. J Occu Rehabil 2017; 27(2): 210-217.
  • Ubalde-Lopez M, Delclos GL, Benavides FG, Calvo-Bonacho E, Gimeno D. The effect of multimorbidity on sickness absence by specific diagnoses. Occup Med (London) 2017; 67(2):93-100.
  • Ubalde-Lopez M, Delclos GL, Benavides FG, Calvo-Bonacho E, Gimeno D. Measuring multimorbidity in a working population: the effect on incident sickness absence. International archives of occupational and environmental health 2016; 89(4); 667-678.
  •  Murcia G, Delclos J, Ubalde M, Calvo E, Benavides FG. Has the Spanish economic crisis affected the duration of sickness absence episodes? Soc Sci Med 2016; 160:29-34.
  • M. Ubalde, C. Daher, M. Gascon, I. Rivas, J. Sunyer y M. Nieuwenhuijsen. Efectos en la Salud y Bienestar de la Planificación Urbana en Espacios Públicos y Entornos Escolares en el libro electrónico Contaminación, Salud y Políticas Públicas coordinado por J. J. Nogueira, Respira Madrid. Abril 2021.
  • Ayala-Garcia A, Serra L, Ubalde-Lopez M. Association between early working life patterns, in publicly and privately owned companies, and the course of future sickness absence due to mental disorders: a cohort study in Catalonia (Spain). BMJ Open 2021;11:e040480.
  • Hernando- JC, Serra L, Benavides F G, Ubalde-Lopez M. (2020). Sickness absence trajectories following labour market participation patterns: a cohort study in Catalonia (Spain), 2012–2014. BMC Public Health 2020;20(1): 1-16.