Research - Our Team

Staff list

  • Montserrat Gàllego
    Montserrat Gàllego Associated Researcher
  • Judith Garcia
    Judith Garcia Head of the Non-Communicable Diseases and Environment Programme
  • Laura Garcia
    Laura Garcia Medical Research Fellow
  • María Elena García
    María Elena García Grants Manager
  • Ariadna Garcia
    Ariadna Garcia Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Alberto García-Basteiro
    Alberto García-Basteiro Assistant Research Professor
  • Joaquim Gascon
    Joaquim Gascon Research Professor, Director of the Chagas Initiative, head of the Chagas, Parasitic and Imported Diseases programme
  • Mireia Gascon
    Mireia Gascon Assistant Research Professor
  • Florence Gignac
    Florence Gignac Predoctoral Fellow
  • Laura Giménez
    Laura Giménez Project Manager
  • Ximena Goldberg
    Ximena Goldberg Assistant Research Professor
  • Laura Gómez
    Laura Gómez Predoctoral Fellow
  • Raquel González
    Raquel González Assistant Research Professor
  • Camila González
    Camila González Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Julià González
    Julià González Associated Researcher
  • Juan Ramón González
    Juan Ramón González Associate Research Professor
  • Matiana González
    Matiana González Coordinator of the Malaria Elimination Initiative
  • Berta Grau
    Berta Grau Research Assistant
  • Susana Gros
    Susana Gros Project manager
  • Stefano Guerra
    Stefano Guerra Visiting Scholar
  • Marta Guerrero
    Marta Guerrero Human Resources Technician
  • Caterina Mireia Guinovart
    Caterina Mireia Guinovart Senior Advisor for Research and Implementation on malaria elimination
  • Mònica Guxens
    Mònica Guxens Associate Research Professor
  • Verónica Guzmán
    Verónica Guzmán Portfolio Advisor