Research - Our Team

Staff list

  • Selena Alonso
    Selena Alonso Predoctoral Fellow
  • Azucena Bardají
    Azucena Bardají Assistant Research Professor
  • Quique Bassat
    Quique Bassat ICREA Research Professor, Head of the Malaria Programme
  • Jordi Bosch
    Jordi Bosch Associated Researcher
  • Carlota Dobaño
    Carlota Dobaño Associate Research Professor
  • Cristina Enguita
    Cristina Enguita Social Scientist
  • Raquel González
    Raquel González Assistant Research Professor
  • Emili Letang
    Emili Letang Assistant Research Professor
  • Elena Marbán
    Elena Marbán Predoctoral Fellow
  • Alfredo Mayor
    Alfredo Mayor Associate Research Professor
  • Clara Menéndez
    Clara Menéndez Research Professor, Director of the Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health Initiative and Programme
  • Gemma Moncunill
    Gemma Moncunill Assistant Research Professor
  • Denise Naniche
    Denise Naniche Research Professor, Co-Chair of the Viral and Bacterial Infections Programme
  • Jaume Ordi
    Jaume Ordi Research Professor
  • Franco Pagnoni
    Franco Pagnoni Technical Cooperation Coordinator
  • Clara Pons
    Clara Pons Predoctoral Fellow