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Mònica Guxens Junyent

Mònica Guxens Junyent

Associate Research Professor Child health, Air pollution

Mònica Guxens is a medical doctor specialist in Preventive Medicine and Public Health. She obtained her PhD in Public Health and Biomedical Research in 2008. She obtained a Río Hortega Fellowship in 2009. She worked as a postdoctoral fellow in CREAL (now ISGlobal-Campus PRBB), Barcelona, for 2 years, in the Department of Epidemiology of the Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, for 1 year, and in Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences (IRAS), Utrecht University, the Netherlands, for 2.5 years. She obtained an Assistant Research Professor position at ISGlobal-Campus PRBB, and a Miguel Servet fellowship in 2014. She is also Assistant Research Professor at the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/Psychology of the Erasmus University Medical Center-Sophia Children’s Hospital, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Lines of Research

  • She has large expertise in birth cohort studies. Her research is focused on the role of several environmental factors, mainly air pollution and electromagnetic fields, on children’s development.
  • Mònica Guxens is principal investigator of 3 national projects, two in Spain (REMBRANDT and AMICS-INMA) and one in the Netherlands. She is co-investigator in 5 Spanish national projects and in 2 EU funded studies (GERoNiMO, EUthryroid). She has participated in 5 EU funded studies (ENRIECO, CHICOS, ESCAPE, BREATHE, OBELIX) and in 3 International Consortiums (EGG, EAGLE, and EUCCONET). She is a member of the steering committee of the Spanish INMA Project and co-principal investigator of the sub-cohort of Sabadell .
  • She is currently supervising 4 PhD thesis and 2 master thesis. 

Main Publications

  • Guxens M, Garcia-Esteban R, Lise Giorgis-Allemand L, Forns J, Badaloni C, Ballester F, Beelen R, Cesaroni G, Chatzi L, de Agostini M, de Nazelle A, Eeftens M, Fernandez MF, Fernández-Somoano A, Forastiere F, Gehring U, Ghassabian A, Heude B, Jaddoe VWV, Klümper C, Kogevinas M, Krämer U, Larroque B, Lertxundi A, Lertxuni N, Murcia M, Navel V, Nieuwenhuijsen M, Porta D, Ramos Diaz R, Roumeliotaki T, Slama R, Sørensen M, Stephanou E, Sugiri D, Tardón A, Tiemeier H, Tiesler CMT, Verhulst FC, Vrijkotte T, Wilhelm M, Brunekreef B, Pershagen G, Sunyer J. Air pollution during pregnancy and childhood cognitive and psychomotor development in 6 European birth cohort studies. Epidemiology. 2014;25(5):636-47
  • Beekhuizen J, Vermeulen R, van Eijsden M, van Strien R, Bürgi A, Loomans E, Guxens M, Kromhout H, Huss A. Modelling indoor electromagnetic fields (EMF) from mobile phone base stations for epidemiological studies. Environ Int. 2014;67C:22-26
  • Guxens M, Sonnenschein-van der Voort AMM, Tiemeier H, Hofman A, Sunyer J, de Jongste JC, Jaddoe VWV, Duijts L. Parental psychological distress during pregnancy and wheezing in preschool children. The Generation R Study. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2014;133(1):59-67
  • Guxens M, Tiemeier H, Jansen PW, Raat H, Hofman A, Sunyer J, Jaddoe VWV. Parental psychological distress during pregnancy and early growth in preschool children. The Generation R Study. Am J Epidemiol. 2013;177(6):538-47
  • Guxens M, van Eijsden M, Vermeulen R, Loomans E, Vrijkotte TG, Kromhout H, van Strien RT, Huss A. Maternal cell phone and cordless phone use during pregnancy and behaviour problems in 5-year-old children. J Epidemiol Community Health. 2013;67(5):432-8
  • Guxens M, Sunyer J. A review of epidemiological studies on neuropsychological effects of air pollution. Swiss Med Wkly. 2012;141:w13322