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Mireia Gascon Merlos

Mireia Gascon Merlos

Assistant Research Professor Child health, Air pollution

Mireia Gascon, biologist, has gained wide and varied experience in research in the field of environmental epidemiology.                  

She started conducting epidemiological studies on both occupational (Costa Rica - MSc project) and population-based studies (Spain - PhD). During her PhD she focused on estimating the impact of pre-and postnatal exposures to chemicals on child health. As a key component of this work, Gascon coordinated the follow-up of a birth cohort in Ribera d'Ebre (Spain) among children aged 12-13 years, and during this period she also participated in several other epidemiological projects - both European and national level – also focused on child health (e.g. ENRIECO, CHICOS and HELIX).                

She is currently focused on improving scientific understanding of the health impacts of the built environment (mainly urban green and blue spaces) and transport planning. She coordinated a project on health impact assessment of urban and transport planning in low and middle-income countries, particularly Bolivia and Mozambique, and since January 2016 she is working on the EC-funded project BlueHealth, which is aimed at evaluating the potential for health promotion and disease prevention of ‘blue and green infrastructure’ in European countries. 

Lines of Research

  • Child health
  • Urban health
  • Blue health

Main Publications

  • Gascon M, Triguero-Mas M, Martinez D, Dadvand P, Rojas-Rueda D, Plasencia A, Nieuwenhuijsen MJ. Residential green spaces and mortality: A systematic review. Environ Int 2016; 86: 60-67
  • Gascon M, Casas M, Morales E, Valvi D, Ballesteros-Gomez A, Luque N, Rubio S, Monfort N, Ventura R, Martinez D, Sunyer J, Vrijheid M. Prenatal exposure to bisphenol A and phthalates and childhood respiratory tract infections and allergy. J Allergy Clin Immunol 2014 (In Press) (Impact factor: 11.248).
  • Gascon M, Sunyer J, Martínez D, Guerra S, Lavi I, Torrent M, Vrijheid M. Persistent organic pollutants and children's respiratory health: The role of cytokines and inflammatory biomarkers. Environ Int 2014; 69: 133-140 (Impact factor: 6.248).
  • Gascon M, Morales E, Sunyer J, Vrijheid M. Effects of persistent organic pollutants on the developing respiratory and immune systems: A systematic review. Environ Int. 2013 52C: 51-65 (Impact factor: 6.248).
  • Gascon M, Fort M, Martínez D, Carsin AE, Forns JO, Grimalt J, Santa-Marina L, Lertxundi N, Sunyer J, Vrijheid M. Polybromodiphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) in Breastmilk and Infant Neuropsychological Development. Environ Health Perspect. 2012 Dec 120(12): 1760-5 (Impact factor: 7.26).