Our Team

Staff list

  • Ruth Aguilar
    Ruth Aguilar Staff Scientist
  • Koya Allen
    Koya Allen Coordinator. MESA Scientific Officer
  • Selena Alonso
    Selena Alonso Predoctoral Fellow
  • Alberto Ayllon
    Alberto Ayllon Laboratory Technician
  • Azucena BardajÍ
    Azucena BardajÍ Assistant Research Professor
  • Enrique Bassat
    Enrique Bassat ICREA Research Professor
  • Climent Casals-Pascual
    Climent Casals-Pascual Associate Research Professor
  • Carlos Javier Chaccour
    Carlos Javier Chaccour Assistant Research Professor. BOHEMIA Chief Scientific Officer
  • Jordi Chi
    Jordi Chi Laboratory Technician
  • Alfred Cortes
    Alfred Cortes ICREA Research Professor
  • Hernando Del Portillo
    Hernando Del Portillo ICREA Research Professor
  • Carlota Dobaño
    Carlota Dobaño Associate Research Professor
  • María Carmen Fernández
    María Carmen Fernández Assistant Research Professor
  • Xavier Fernàndez
    Xavier Fernàndez Associate Research Professor
  • Raquel González
    Raquel González Assistant Research Professor
  • Matiana González
    Matiana González Coordinator of the Malaria Elimination Initiative
  • Caterina Mireia Guinovart
    Caterina Mireia Guinovart Senior Advisor for Research and Implementation on malaria elimination
  • Luis Izquierdo
    Luis Izquierdo Associate Research Professor
  • Helena Martí
    Helena Martí Data Manager
  • Alfredo Mayor
    Alfredo Mayor Associate Research Professor
  • Clara Menéndez
    Clara Menéndez Research Professor, Director of the Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health Initiative and Programme
  • Robert Andrew Mitchell
    Robert Andrew Mitchell Predoctoral Fellow
  • Oriol Mitjà
    Oriol Mitjà Associated Researcher
  • Gemma Moncunill
    Gemma Moncunill Assistant Research Professor