Our Team

Staff list

  • Jeffrey Lazarus
    Jeffrey Lazarus Associate Research Professor and Co-director of the Viral and Bacterial Infections Programme
  • Emili Letang
    Emili Letang Associated Researcher
  • Jill Suzanne Litt
    Jill Suzanne Litt Associated Researcher
  • Liudmila Liutsko
    Liudmila Liutsko Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Mireia Llach
    Mireia Llach Medical Research Fellow
  • Simon Lloyd
    Simon Lloyd Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Iris Lopes
    Iris Lopes Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Leonardo Lopez
    Leonardo Lopez Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Alexandre López
    Alexandre López Lab Technician
  • Yolanda López
    Yolanda López Scientific Support Assistant - Quality
  • Elisa López
    Elisa López Assistant Research Professor
  • Irene Losada
    Irene Losada Medical Research Fellow & Chagas Initiative Coordinator
  • Rachel Lowe
    Rachel Lowe Visiting Scholar
  • Malgorzata Joanna Lubczynska
    Malgorzata Joanna Lubczynska Predoctoral researcher
  • Anna Lucas
    Anna Lucas Coordinator of the Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health Initiative