Our Team

Staff list

  • Joan Bigorra
    Joan Bigorra Innovation Director
  • Núria Casamitjana
    Núria Casamitjana Education and Training Director
  • Gonzalo Fanjul
    Gonzalo Fanjul Policy Director
  • Quim Gascon
    Quim Gascon Research Professor, Head of the Chagas, Parasitic and Imported Diseases programme, and Director of the Chagas Initiative
  • Clara Menéndez
    Clara Menéndez Research Professor, Director of the Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health Initiative and Programme
  • Denise Naniche
    Denise Naniche Scientific Director
  • Leire Pajín
    Leire Pajín Global Development Director
  • Gemma Perelló
    Gemma Perelló Adjunta Gerencia
  • Antoni Plasència
    Antoni Plasència ISGlobal Director
  • Regina Rabinovich
    Regina Rabinovich Director of the Malaria Elimination Initiative
  • Jordi Sunyer
    Jordi Sunyer Research Professor
  • Gonzalo Vicente
    Gonzalo Vicente General Manager
  • Jordi Vila
    Jordi Vila Research Professor, Director of the Antimicrobial Resistance Initiative and Co-Director of the Viral and Bacterial Infections Programme
  • Rafael Vilasanjuan
    Rafael Vilasanjuan Director of Policy and Global Development