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Liudmila Liutsko

Engaging Stakeholders in a Radiation Protection: A Key to Reduce the Exposure

Environmental Health

[This article has been written by  Liudmila Liutsko , Bieke Abelshausen, Adelaida Sarukhan , Catrinel Turcanu, Nadja Zeleznik and  Elisabeth Cardis] ISGlobal (through its Radiation Programme led by Elisabeth Cardis) contributes to ENGAGE ISGlobal (through its ...

Camila González

A Day in the Fight Against Tropical Disease in Papua New Guinea


[This article has been published originally in Spanish in The Conversation] We live on the remote island of Lihir, in Papua New Guinea. We are a small team, just three or four people from the ISGlobal research centre in Barcelona We live on the remote island of Lihir in the...

Ariadna Curto

Professionals of Environmental Epidemiology and Exposure Science Celebrate Their Annual Appointment

Epidemiology,Environmental Health

Sunday 26th of August. We are in the heart of downtown Ottawa , Organizers received 1800 general abstract submissions and 400 symposium abstracts the Canadian capital city. Hundreds of scientists and practitioners from academia, government, industry, and non-governmental organizations start...

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