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Adelaida Sarukhan

The Yellow Fever Crisis in Brazil: an Alert Signal for Travellers


[Written by Adelaida Sarukhan , PhD in immunology and scientific writer at ISGlobal, Jose Muñoz , ISGlobal researcher and Head of Tropical Medicine and International Health of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, and Natalia Rodríguez , ISGlobal researcher and MD at the Servicio de Atención...

Alba Cabré

Losing Sleep Over the New Technologies

Environmental Health

[Post published on the occasion of World Sleep Day  2018, celebrated on March 16th.] Between 20 and 40% of adolescents suffer from poor sleep quality Sleep is an important part of our daily routine. We spend a third of our time sleeping. But, why is it so important? Good quality...

Clara Menéndez

Feminismos y feminismas

Policy & Global Development

[Escrito por Yara Alonso Menéndez, antropóloga social, y Clara Menéndez Santos, directora de la Iniciativa de Salud Materna, Infantil y Reproductiva de ISGlobal, en El Huffington Post con motivo del Día Internacional de la Mujer.] Acabar con la discriminación machista sigue siendo...

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