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Ariadna Curto

Rural India: A Challenging Setting for Air Pollution Epidemiology Studies

Environmental Health

Almost half of the world's population [...] still depends on inefficient fuels Most people living in urban areas in high income countries associate air pollution with road traffic or possibly industry. However, lack of access to clean household energy is also an important contributor to air...

Carmen De Keijzer

Happy International Day of Forests! Scientific Evidence Shows that Nature Benefits our Health

Environmental Health

Exposure to nature has been found to lower levels of stress, improve mood and self-esteem, benefit mental health and cognitive function, and improve cardiovascular health Happy International Day of Forests! While the International Day of Forests may not be on your list of favourite holidays...

Manolis Kogevinas

Solidarity Outpatient Clinics in Greece: a Massive Social Movement as a Response to the Economic Crisis

Health Equity

[This post refers to the article " Solidarity outpatient clinics in Greece: a survey of a massive social movement " published by ISGlobal researchers Manolis Kogevinas and Iro Evlampidou in the Gaceta Sanitaria journal] As a response to the crisis, numerous health personnel and...

Adelaida Sarukhan

The Yellow Fever Crisis in Brazil: an Alert Signal for Travellers


[Written for Big Vang (La Vanguardia) by Adelaida Sarukhan , PhD in immunology and scientific writer at ISGlobal, Jose Muñoz , ISGlobal researcher and Head of Tropical Medicine and International Health of the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, and Natalia Rodríguez , ISGlobal researcher and...

Alba Cabré

Losing Sleep Over the New Technologies

Environmental Health

[Post published on the occasion of World Sleep Day  2018, celebrated on March 16th.] Between 20 and 40% of adolescents suffer from poor sleep quality Sleep is an important part of our daily routine. We spend a third of our time sleeping. But, why is it so important? Good quality...

Clara Menéndez

Feminismos y feminismas

Policy & Global Development

[Escrito por Yara Alonso Menéndez, antropóloga social, y Clara Menéndez Santos, directora de la Iniciativa de Salud Materna, Infantil y Reproductiva de ISGlobal, en El Huffington Post con motivo del Día Internacional de la Mujer.] Acabar con la discriminación machista sigue siendo...

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